1. The Safer Tourism Seal for destinations & stakeholders
    a) available on self-assessment
    b) cemented by an independent evaluation
    c) honored by endorsement
  2. The Safer Tourism Seal for Tourism Heroes
    – the International Hall of Tourism Heroes
  3. The Safer Tourism Pass for Responsible Travelers

Travel safety depends on both the provider and the receiver, and it takes leadership. Recognizing this fact, Rebuilding Travel has created the Safer Tourism Seal, The International Hall of Tourism Heroes, and the Safer Tourism Pass for responsible travelers

The Safer Tourism Seals

self assessment
evaluated & endorsed
  • The Safer Tourism Seal for Destinations and Stakeholders. This seal is a pledge to follow all known and mandated safety and security policies and best practices. It’s not a guarantee of safety, but a commitment.
    a) Available based on self Assessment: Safer Tourism Seal holders have pledged to follow health and other relevant guidelines based on self-assessment and other achievements. There is no cost for the seal.
    b) Cemented by Evaluation: Safer Tourism Seal holders have an option to add an independent evaluation. This not only demonstrates a commitment to safer tourism by self-assessment but allows an independent Expert to research, consult, and evaluate. There is a fee to cover the optional evaluation.
    c) Some seal holders may be honored by endorsement(s). Endorsements cannot be bought.

The International Hall of Fame for Tourism Heroes

Tourism Heroes

The Safer Tourism Heroes Hall of Fame is open for personalities awarded for their actions. Award holders have shown extraordinary leadership, innovation, and actions. They go the extra step.
Two nominations are needed to be considered. Nominating and the award are free.

The Safer Tourism Pass for Travelers

The personalized Safer Tourism Pass is for travelers to accompany the Safer Tourism Seal for travel destinations.
Holders of the Safer Tourism Pass vow to be responsible travelers and to abide by local health guidelines that the World Health Organization and national health departments have put into place. The STP means that the traveler is responsible and vows to protect not only him/herself but also all fellow travelers. STP holders represent the best in travel and demonstrate to the world that safer travel is everyone’s responsibility.
There is a $5.00 administrative fee.

The Safer Tourism Seal acknowledges the guidelines the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp developed. We encourage Safer Tourism Seal members to follow these guidelines and consider proudly showing both the Safer Tourism Seal and the WTTC Safe Travel Stamp. More details: https://wttc.org/COVID-19/Safe-Travels-Global-Protocols-Stamp