The  Safer Tourism Seal” (STS) builds on previous certifications through evaluations and endorsements. The seal provides additional assurances when traveling during these uncertain times. STS helps destinations and its stakeholders through a standardized 50-point checklist. Our task is to evaluate and to endorse.

The STS seal builds travelers’ confidence for preferred destinations and becomes a recognizable symbol throughout the world during these precarious times. Travel safety depends on both the provider and the receiver Recognizing this fact, Rebuilding Travel has created the personalize Safer Tourism Seal to accompany the Safer Tourism Seal for travel destinations. Holders of the Safer Tourism Pass vow to be responsible travelers, to abide by local health guidelines that the World Health Organization and national health departments have put into place. The STP means that the traveler is responsible and vows to protect not only him/herself but also all fellow travelers. STP holders represent the best in travel and demonstrate to the world, that safer travel is everyone’s responsibility.

Brand Ambassadors:
– Juergen Steinmetz, CEO TravelNewsGroup
– Dr. Peter Tarlow, president of Safer Tourism
– Dr. Taleb Rifai, former Secretary-General UNWTO, chair Project Hope
– Cuthbert Ncube, chairman of African Tourism Board
– Alain St. Ange, former Minister Tourism Seychelles, Presidential Candidate Seychelles