AHKE Adventure Travel, Ninda Wangchuk, Thimphu, Bhutan

http://www.ahkeadventure.com | +975 1711 3748

AHKE Adventure Travel is an international award-winning medium size Government licensed Bhutan tour operator based in Thimphu, Bhutan.

We are a member of ATTA, ASTA, TEATA Ecotourism.

We have been awarded a quality standard certificates for tour operators, and for years as a responsible and member tour company to ATTA, Ecotourism, ABTO, ETC, we have been following their high standard tour operators DO’s, and DON’Ts norms and protocols. Our trip consultants come from varied backgrounds to suit all sorts of traveler’s needs.

Many have decades of extensive local experiences backed by management degrees with international exposure, training.

As a responsible tour company, our tours are designed in compliance with the approved tourists’ regulations of Bhutan. The company offers exclusive Bhutan holidays for small group and family adventures. Each Bhutan itineraries are unique to itself, as it is designed to provide every tourist with opportunities to experience Bhutan’s culture, nature, lifestyles, and profound life-changing adventures in their own styles. It will help revive and rejuvenate your mind and spirit and know yourself better for more productive, happier, and peaceful days ahead.

We may be granted approval to carry “Safer Tourism Seal” as our trip leaders are trained to undertake trips to the high-risk area in the remote areas of Bhutan. They are trained alongside trip consultants on safe travel do’s and don’t for each tour which is uniquely designed based on the place of their travel and risk amount involved in carrying out such trips to make it enjoyable throughout their stay and beyond with us.

With trip leaders with international exposure, and hands-on medical aids training, and on CPR performances and High Altitude Sickness evacuation besides recently concluded COVID evacuation (training for guides, and support staffs), the company is well-staffed and trained to respond to any emergencies on the journey.

We along with Govt. Bhutan Tourism offices have shown utmost importance in tackling COVID19 since the beginning. All groups were canceled since March 2020, yet we are prepared to execute any tours after the COVID19 subside.