Excelencias Travel, Madrid, Spain

Excelencias Travel is a travel agency based in Madrid, Spain, which closely collaborates with Cuba, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador in order to promote Spanish and European outbound tourism to those Caribbean countries. We specialise in package vacations, car rental, and the organisation of full experiences in nature, health, and adventure tourism for our clients.

Excelencias Travel should be approved to carry the Safer Tourism Seal because of our hard work towards protecting our customers, our workers, and the inhabitants of the destinations which we cover destinations.

We do this through:

– Attendance by our managers to any and all health and safety trainings that online organisations or local authorities offer, so as to keep up to date with the latest recommendations.

– General enforcement of mask usage, frequent hand washing and/or sanitizing. – Personnel training and client awareness on techniques that reduce contagion risk: maintaining a 2 meter distance, sneezing and coughing “etiquette”, usage of non predominant hand in everyday interactions…

– Strict and thorough control of health regulations of all of our offices and client pickups – which includes meeting points, transportation, and lodgings.

– Strict and thorough control of our offices’ capacities, as well as enforcing remote work whenever it is possible. We also work hard so as to ensure that, even in these circumstances, our clients’ interests are protected. That is why we:

– Verify and store our customers’ legal and contact data, so as to ensure fast communication of potential contagions.

– Offer an extended cancellation window for services, trips, or reservations made with Excelencias Travel.

– Ensure that, if there is a COVID-19 resurge or if health authorities recommend not traveling, all of our partners offer a full refund to our customers.

by Emilia Padin Sixto

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