Eswatini Tourism Authority

We are open for international tourism with restrictions.

The Eswatini Tourism Authority is responsible for promoting tourism to and in The Kingdom of Eswatini in southern Africa. Eswatini is a small country with a big heart and warm, friendly people. As one of the few remaining monarchies in Africa it embraces and upholds its own unique and ancient traditions which are careful guarded and faithfully celebrated. But traditions and culture are not the only reasons to visit this charming country. Stunning and varied landscapes are to be seen and explored – mountains and valleys, forests and plains. And Eswatini’s wildlife reserves offer thrilling safaris to see the Big Five, a number of endangered species and truly outstanding birdlife. All of this in a country that can be driven across in a matter of a few hours!

ETA has worked with WHO and the UN as well as its own Ministry of Health and tourist industry to establish a robust set of protocols and health and safety guidelines which are now being followed by the tourism industry in the country. Endorsed by WHO and the UN, these protocols set out to ensure that all visitors to the country can travel as safely as possible and with minimum risk from COVID-19. As an endorsement of these protocols, Eswatini became the first full country in southern Africa to receive the WTTC Safe Travels Stamp of approval and ETA is now rolling out that Stamp across the industry within Eswatini. ETA has shown how seriously it takes the safety of its tourists and has been taking all available steps to ensure that Eswatini can be visited and enjoyed as safely as possible.

Awarded WTTC Stamp, Member African Tourism Board (ATB)

COVID Health & Safety Guidelines/Protocols document can be downloaded from this link ( click here )

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