Pro Excellence Management Consultants, Nairobi, Kenya

Pro Excellence Management Consultants (“Pro Excellence”) is a professional services firm that fosters Excellence by building the human and institutional capacity of organizations through providing Consulting, Advisory, Training; Research and Business support services.

We are currently providing customized training programs to Tourism sector players as a way to enable sector recovery occasioned by the disruption brought about by COVID-19 and Rebuild Travel. Our overarching objective is “to help Tourism Sector players survive, recover and thrive”.

The adoption of safe travel protocols and other COVID-19 protocols into our operations puts us on a path towards making safe and responsible travel a reality.

• We provide clients with information on measures taken to ensure our training events are COVID-19 safe.

• We prepare training venues to ensure containment and no contamination in accordance with the laid down protocols including observing physical distancing providing masks, hand sanitizers and various other personal protection items. •

We actively monitor travel guidance from local health authorities and the World Health Organization being a firm with considerable business travel needs. We have updated Travel and Meeting Protocols, reviewed our travel policies and put measures in place to track and communicate with our employees who are travelling.

• We adjusted the delivery of Training to suit the new normal and minimize risk or exposure. We have shifted to online training to reduce the risk of virus transmission and only offer in-person training only where necessary.

• We are Transparent in our Communication and strive to avail information on risk prevention and established self-protection guidelines. We do this by offering our team accurate, authoritative information on the COVID situation as well as advice on what they need to do – or not do.

• We Foster a Proactive Corporate Culture by having our management sets the right tone at the top through a clear demonstration of right actions. We are consistent in messaging, modelling right behaviors and avoid exhibiting overreaction, panic, complacency or downplaying a risky situation.

• We have developed clear protocols for response and outlined obligations for employees who are at risk. Thus, our employees understand the need to comply with instructions e.g. self-reporting in the cases of high-risk travel or what to do in the event of close contact with high-risk individuals.

• We have established a good COVID-19 monitoring mechanism that supports employee health and safety. We offer travel advice to employees prior to going on business trips and update clients on issues affecting our market.

• We Support contact tracing by retaining names and contact details of training event participants to help health authorities trace individuals who get exposed to COVID-19 in our events or in the event a meeting participant becomes ill during or shortly after an event. | | +254 735 053 053

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