Food Hygiene Bureau, Kingston Jamaica

Food Hygiene Bureau is the Caribbean Regional training centre offering a wide range of international recognised training and education programmes for the hospitality and tourism sector, supporting the sector in adopting best practices for guest and visitors health which is critical to the sustainability of the tourism industry. Since 1999 the Food Hygiene Bureau has been extending our range of services to include consultancy, inspection, business coaching, audits and educational forums on topical issues. We have so hosted eight international conferences in food security, food safety and health and safety, recognising their importance to the industry and Caribbean. We have through partnership with world known certification bodies awarded over 5000 individuals enabling employment internationally through our programmes. Food Hygiene Bureau is a member of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation and share in the importance of education for the sector. Food Safety education both of the industry and consumer is pivotal for a sustainable product.

I believe I have contributed significantly to the education of the hospitality sector throughout the Caribbean region. With over 33 years industry experience in working with grassroots organisation and education of the community into hygiene and safety practices, I consider myself an ambassador in this sector. I have conceptualized and spearheaded over eight (8) international conferences in food safety, food security, public health and hygiene in the Caribbean which has impacted on the heath and wellbeing of locals, regional and international tourism to our island.

An educated workforce and with a heightened awareness of Foodborne illness prevention and recent government COVID-19 protocols all contributed to the safety of our guests and visitors to the island. Through observation of the behavior of people in workplaces, I saw the need for education of employers and those at work in public spaces and spearheaded Jamaica 1st webinar on Risk Assessment, and workplace health prevention which impacted globally and heightened awareness in this important area of consumer health and wellbeing. I believe education is the key to a healthy tourism industry without which we will not be able to attract and maintain our presence in this fragile industry.

Holder of WTTC Safer Tourism Stamp | by Ms. Marva Hewitt

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