Vida Travel, Escondido, CA, USA

by Jerry Puda, CEO | +1-619-500-4111 |


Open for International Tourism with restrictions

Leading provider of sustainable tourism adventures to Costa Rica and Mexico using only carefully selected and curated partners that meet the highest standards for quality, sustainability, ecological responsibility and those that commit to cultural and economic benefit to the local community. Our tours were first to include Carbon-neutral offset credits at no charge to clients. We continue to innovate as we rebuild and reopen tourism. We are a committed direct B2B sourcing partner, Agency and Wholesale tour operator.

We care deeply about health and safety of our clients and our partner providers. As soon as borders opened we began checking in on our key partners for their application of health and safety protocols mandated by government agencies and common sense. We noted those that were not in compliance and removed them from our vendor catalog. Health and safety come first.

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