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Soirée Travel Specialists provides fully customized memorable travel that creates strong emotional connections to the destination or the journey itself. Our mission is to design and promote distinctive itineraries that respect both the needs of the traveler and our partners, immersing guests in high-quality experiences and providing first-class service while supporting safe and responsible travel around the globe.

1) We have built protocols for safe travel into our team and independent contractor tour manager training

2) Our policy is to build into each customized trip itinerary the cost of providing masks, hand sanitizer, and other personal protection needs as dictated by the destination to our tour managers and traveling guests 3) We will provide clear, consistent and up-to-date communication to customers on new health & hygiene protocols via our various channels, both digitally and physically. We will work with suppliers to implement clear signage to inform guests of the enhanced cleaning protocols, avoiding physical contact, and recommendations

4) We will share guest guidelines ahead of trip and where applicable in person upon commencement of trip on the basis of advice from health authorities which may include the wearing of face masks or coverings, guidance on hand hygiene and avoiding physical contact. We have developed a sign-off document so that consumers can acknowledge guidelines (sent by separate email)

5) We will inform guests about support available if questions or concerns arise. Guest facing staff will be trained and prepared to answer questions, resolve challenges such as the detection of new cases, address situations where guests are not complying and share protocols before and during trip to reassure travelers 6) We have in place a supplier sign-off document for our partners and suppliers, including shops, showrooms, tasting venues/shops, museums, shows, theatre, concert halls, factories & farms, to indicate that they follow likeminded health, sanitation, disinfection and hygiene protocols aligned with local regulation (sent by separate email) 7) We are a new formation, consolidating our previous businesses and 30+ years of travel industry expertise.

Our current CLIA membership is registered under WISH Corp. We will be applying for our ASTA membership very soon

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