Latitude 13 Degrees, Lilongwe, Malawi

Nicholas Best, Group Commercial Director
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Member SKAL, ATTA, Trive Member of We Are Africa

You’ll find Latitude 13° nestled in the leafy lanes on the northern edge of Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe. We’re a hotel 10 minutes from downtown and 20 minutes from Kamuzu International Airport with a 24 hour Front Desk, unlimited check-in hours, 20 junior suites, 6 garden suites and 3 club rooms. We are a restaurant & bar with food and drink from all corners of the world. We are a fitness club with a state-of-the art gym and an 18-metre heated pool. We are a centre for music, art, fashion and party happenings. We’re a meetings and events hub. And we’re a health, wellness and beauty oasis

Our business remained closed to the public for over 100 days, while we put as a priority the health and wellbeing of our Team. During this period we took the opportunity as a Management Team to put together over 100 new SOPs specific to the prevention of Covid within our business. Once these were completed we undertook a three week training programme, under for strict conditions, to bring the Team up to date with the new measures we were implementing through a series of training and practical application sessions – to ensure that everyone within the business had a full, and informed knowledge of them.

We have now been open again for two months – obviously with a different level of business (we currently restrict numbers so that we are able to properly manage the expectations of the Guests as well as the local authorities, and the response to our measures and protocols has been very good.

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