Inbound Peru by Nexos, Lima, Peru

by Eduardo Alt, Marketing Sales Director

Government certification 

We are open for regional or domestic tourism

Nexos Turismo is a Travel Management Company created in 1993 as an outgoing wholesaler, being today focused in the Mice and High End segments. Inbound Peru by Nexos is Nexos’ incoming department with more than 15 years operating the Mice and High End travellers segments. We are certified as Tour Operators by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Foreign Trade as well as a Site member.

Bio-Security COVID-19 continues to weigh heavily on the minds of the travelers and on the general public, as well.

Even when we are still in a very dynamic and changing scenario, we want to be proactive, that is why we are working in biosecurity protocols and measures for when the time arrives, to welcome our clients, guests and events again.

INBOUND PERU by Nexos and NEXOS Turismo are nowadays dedicated to ensuring the wellbeing of our guests and their stress-free experiences in Peru and in the world making their safety our priority.

We´re following the official bio safety protocols trying to even improve them, when necessary

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