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Founded in 1980 to promote ethical tourism and travel, and to recognize that all people and all cultures are what make this world special. The more we can travel, the more we can meet and learn about other cultures then the more we can understand that we are more alike than different. Along with our sister company, World Traveler News, we try to explain, show and help understand that we are all part of this awesome and wonderful world – and that we need to do everything possible to help it survive.

Tour & Travel Organizers Ltd has promoted safe and ecologically sound tourism since its inception in 1980. The adage of “travel everywhere but leave no footprint” has been our talking point since the day we started Tour & Travel Organizers Ltd. We have promoted ecologically sound and safe travel since our inception, and have done our best to only do business with those suppliers, vendors and DMC’s that also promote those same values. During this time of global pandemic those values are extremely necessary and real.

After many years photographing and writing about musicians and artists in concert, I felt the need to do something to help our world so I moved from concert photography to travel photography. Thus started my visits to various parts of the world, and promoting the world under ‘World Traveler News’ at . After every visit to a country, place or part of the world I would publish and article and photographs about where I had visited. I have never and will never take advertising so that I can tell the good or the bad about the places visited. So many people reading my articles started asking if I could prepare and set up those same trips that I took so they could experience what I had written about. Thus Tour & Travel Organizers Ltd at was born in 1980 to provide those tours/travels etc to the public.

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