Ppsare Wildlife Safaris Limited, Arusha, Tanzania

Based in Arusha – East Africa’s heart of wildlife tourism, we offer you a broad range of incredible Safari packages. We will take you to the most spectacular National Parks and offer the opportunity to experience Tanzania’s cultural diversity.Karibu

Open for tourism business


The company should ensure the following standard operating procedures(SOPS)

1.Should ensure that updated COVID-19 precautionary measures are continuously observed and communicated accordingly with international booking agencies;

2.We must ensure that staff and tourists are aware and reminded to adhere to best protective and preventive practices against COVID-19;

3.We should ensure that all contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized with approved disinfectants on regular basis;

4.We should ensure that all staff use recommended protective gears when attending to guest and servicing guest areas;

5.We must provide hand washing and sanitizing facilities such as soap,sanitizers and running water both guests and staff;

6.Place or vehicles must display emergence short code 199(Free call)and 7.We must create a disposal mechanism for masks,and safety standards and environmental considerations.

Contact E-mail: ppsarewildlifesafaris2020@gmail.com Mobile+255692545949 by Reuben Samwel, Founder

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