Sustain Hawaii, USA

Safe Travels powered by Perseus is provided by Sustain Hawaii a 501(c)(3) organization throughout the Hawaiian Islands. Founded in 2003, Sustain Hawaii is a Native Hawaiian, educational non-profit dedicated to helping improve health and wellness for indigenous, low-income households and/or those in greatest need through culturally-relevant, hands-on learning and easy-to-use web and mobile technologies. Indigenous populations are disproportionately low-socioeconomic, which means higher incidences of chronic ailments and have accordingly been more impacted by COVID-19 than most other peoples |

Kevin Vaccarello

Chief Rabble Rouser

Kevin is a serial socio-ecopreneur, owner of a mobile/web-development and sustainability consulting firm, as well as the catalyst behind our regenerative food forest, sustainable farm and “ag”-celerator initiatives. Kevin continues exploring opportunities that can be leveraged to cascade the overall improved health and wellness one household and business at a time, in a just and equitable manner. In his downtime, he continues to explore an evolving, physics-based, economic framework that integrates a theory of needs-based, human development with global population growth within the finite limits of the (a)biotic systems, upon which we depend.

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