Serengeti Balloon Safaris, Tanzania |
Government certification, COVID-19 policies

erengeti Balloon Safaris is a responsible operator, who is a Travelife Partner for Sustainability and good practice. We implemented a set of Coronavirus Protocols in June 2020 before we re-opened for guests. These are:

1. Staff temperature check at the start of each day. Temp < 37.8°C (±2°C)

2. Hand Sanitisers available in each vehicle.

3. Staff, including pilots, to have washable facemasks. 2 each, washed daily.

4. Guests to be issued with disposable facemasks if they don’t have their own.

5. Vehicles to be disinfected after each day with Isopropyl Alcohol or diluted chlorine spray.

6. Baskets to be disinfected before passengers board. All surfaces to be wiped with disinfectant soap solution.

7. Guest temperature check when met for transfer. Temp < 37.8°C (±2°C)

8. All guests to have window seats in vehicles, no middle seat. 9

. More space per person at breakfast.

10. Waiters to wash hands every 15 minutes during breakfast and Champagne toast.

11. Hand washing stations available at Breakfast and Toast.

For flights that take place before September 2020, we reduce the number of guests per basket compartment, unless they are all from the same party, in order to provide some social distancing but it must be understood that, like all aviation, 2m social distancing will not be possible. Our safety, quality assurance, maintenance, and operational manuals are endorsed by the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority and we are inspected against them on a regular basis.

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